Lenovo BIOS/UEFI update from USB stick (without bootable CD)

Lenovo BIOS/UEFI update from USB stick (without bootable CD)

In this blog post I will show you how to update UEFI BIOS on your Lenovo Thinkpad laptop without need to boot into Windows or use bootable CD/DVD.

1) Go to Lenovo support portal and search for you device (ideally by its Serial Number (S/N)).


2) Go to “Drivers & Software” page and pick component “BIOS/UEFI”.

3) Find a latest version of “BIOS Update Bootable CD” suitable for your device.

4) Download the CD ISO image.

5) Download a geteltorito perl script which will be used to extract a bootable image from the ISO file.


6) Extract the bootable image from the ISO

./geteltorito -o bios.img 8auj27us.iso

7) Copy the image into your USB stick by dd utility (this step will destroy current content on the USB flash drive)

sudo dd if=bios.img of=/dev/sdb

Note: Update the actual device (/dev/sdb) to match your connected USB flash drive.

8) Call sync to synchronize cached writes to persistent storage

sudo sync

9) And that’s it!

Now you have a bootable USB flash drive with Lenovo BIOS Update Utility!

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